• New 500/50 – 17 wheels
  • Axles from renowned ADR company, homologated (EU 2015/68), bar cross-section – square, 90 mm,
    350×90 brakes, 8 M20 pins
  • Pallet width
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized pockets
  • Mudguards on front and rear axle
  • Galvanized floor of cargo box made of sheets, thickness 4 mm
  • 12V lighting, homologated, rear bulb lamps, LED perimeter lighting, rear socket for connection to
    second trailer
  • “Y”-type drawbar with exchangeable tip, homologated according to Regulation 55UN ECE and
  • 167/2013*2015/208ND, 40mm eye
  • Lighting installation connecting cable
  • Homologated, double-circuit, pneumatic brake system with automatic braking force adjustment from HALDEX, with output for second trailer.
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame (protection of the structure on the exterior and interior of profiles),
    stringers of the frame made of 160x160x5 and 120x60x5 closed sections
  • Galvanized ladders with height 1,335 mm, made from closed sections
  • Parabolic leaf spring suspension
  • Parking handbrake with crank
  • Rear brake output to second trailer
  • Hot-galvanized rear bumper, homologated according to Regulations 2015/504 and 167/2013